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Sleep Comfortably With Memory Foam Pillows

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                                                                                Memory Foam Pillows

Commonly, people believe that back pain is just a fact of life, but it does not have to be that way. You no longer need to feel the effects of stiff muscles after a long night. Feeling relaxed at night and within the day does not need to be hard work because with a pillow designed of memory foam, you will begin to experience the difference in the way you sleep and the way you feel as you move through daily life. Understanding what memory foam is and how it can help you improve your sleep and life means determining the best solution for you.

Made of polyurethane and other components designed to increase the level of viscosity, memory foam is dense and highly elastic. Initially designed by NASA to shield astronauts from the G-force felt during their ascent, it was never put in to effect by the space program. After several trials, memory foam was then launched in to the medical field to help patients suffering from pressure sores or being bed-ridden. Because of the inflatedexpense of the item, memory foam was not widely acknowledge; however, the ability to give comparative quality foam for a portion of the price has brought memory foam in to the public eye. Now often times used in the construction of mattresses and back support systems, memory foam is more-so becoming one of the front runners for the best medical-related cures for back pain, muscle fatigue, and posture support.

A top example of a memory foam pillow is the Sleep Better Pillow. The Sleep Better Pillow is a firm contour pillow which is designed to form to a persons head, neck, and shoulders, allowing for correct spinal alignment throughout the night. Once your head hits the pillow, you will be sure to have a undisturbed nights rest: the heat and pressure sensitive foam reacts to your body weight and temperature, moulding to your exact body shape whatever your preferred sleeping position.

With normal pillows, discomfort and muscle pain are common symptoms of improper spinal alignment. Standard pillows scarcely have the structured, ergonomically correct design needed to ensureappropriate alignment of the spine, forcing your muscles to tense up to be a correct position of the spine while sleeping. Overcorrection of the spine can lead to persistent and extreme discomfort in the arms, shoulders, neck, and back, which can be avoided with the proper pillow.

With high end memory foam technology, the Sleep Better Pillow will help to redistribute your body weight in a natural and effective way, reducingtension on the skin while better circulation. With regular pillows, spinal tension is caused by a gradual flattening of the natural curve, and can cause pain and fatigue. Also working as a supportive neck pillow, the silhouette of the pillow works as a cradle for the natural line of your neck and pulls tension away from the neck.

Created to eliminate the strain which can contort the spine and to foster a appropriate sleeping posture throughout the night, the Sleep Better Pillow ensures that you will be able to sleep in comfort and wake up feeling energized for the day ahead.




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